Recordings in 2015


Becoming a Christian

New year resolutions (Martin Rowland 4 January)

Hell (Andrew Guyatt 11 January)

Presentation on Hell (Andrew Guyatt 11 January)

How to be saved (Kevin Oh 25 January)

Is there a place in Heaven for you? (John Baigent 1 February)

Jesus is the way to heaven (Chris Fry 15 February)

Bible mathematics (Nitish Patel 22 February)

Becoming a follower of Jesus Christ (Ian Topalian 1 March)

Life through Jesus (Ian Jackson 8 March)

The raising of Lazarus (Jonathan Hall 15 March)

A repentant sinner accepted (Robin Lacey 22 March)

Resurrection morning (Alan Michael 5 April)

Two beginnings and endings (Jim Dryden 12 April)

Gift of eternal life (Matthew Hall 19 April)

Basics of Christianity (Richard Catchpole 3 May)

Salvation through Christ (Stephen Buckeridge 10 May)

The way to life (Ian Topalian 17 May)

How to serve like Jesus did (Martin Povey 31 May)

Repent and receive the Lord Jesus (Martin Girard 7 June)

Knowing Jesus Christ beats everything (Charlie Neill 14 June)

What will you do with your invite to Heaven? (Stuart Beadle 21 June)

The parable of the sower (Ken Cowell 28 June)

How to come to God (Paul Surry 12 July)

Jesus and the rich young ruler (David Withers 19 July)

Jesus and the widow of Nain (Andrew Smith 26 July)

God gave up His Son for us (Ollie Neill 9 August)

The message of the Bible (Jeff Radford 30 August)

Jesus can make us right with God (Josh Davies 13 September)

Jesus is the truth (Mark Gooding 20 September)

A wayward son comes home (Terry Puttick 27 September)

Jesus can forgive your sins (John Lee 4 October)

The evidence for God (John Stewart 25 October)

Being sure of Heaven (Victor Michael 1 November)

God has spoken in these last days (John Knight 6 December)

The Gospel according to John (Robin Lacey 13 December)

Teaching for the Christian

Start of Colossians (Ian Jackson 15 January)

Five blessings for the Christian (Stuart Crawford 18 January)

More on Colossians chapter 1 (Ian Jackson 22 January)

Thoughts on Revelation (David Ansell 29 January)

Church leadership (Jim Dryden 5 February)

Hearing God speak (Ken Cowell 19 February)

The Lord restores us (Ken Cowell 26 February)

Revival (Mark Watts 5 March)

Triplets in Jude (Charlie Thomas 12 March)

Jesus goes before us (Andrew Shanks 21 March)

Fellowship (Jon Simms 21 March)

The passing of Moses (John Lee 2 April)

The call of Joshua (John Lee 9 April)

The demand for a king (Nitish Patel 16 April)

The provision of a king (Nitish Patel 23 April)

John chapter 21 (John Baigent 30 April)

The people of God (Richard Catchpole 21 May)

The servant of Abraham (Jon Simms 2 July)

Be faithful to God - Daniel chapter 1 (John Stewart 9 July)

God is on the throne - Daniel chapter 2 (John Stewart 16 July)

Paradise (Martin Girard 30 July)

Stephen, full of faith and the Holy Spirit (David Ansell 2 August)

Heaven (Martin Girard 6 August)

Jesus is coming back (Bruno Stuart 13 August)

The role of church elders (Jim Dryden 20 August)

The qualities of church elders (Jim Dryden 27 August)

Christian friendship (Mark Gooding 3 September)

Blessings in Revelation (John Knight 10 September)

Paul's care for the Thessalonians (Ian Topalian 29 October)

The Virgin Mary (Ian Crawford 5 November)


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