Ian now

My name is Ian Topalian and I am an elder at Appleyards Bible Church.

 We thought it would be helpful if I explained briefly who we are and what we believe.

 Who we are

We come from a range of different backgrounds both in the UK and overseas but have all put our faith in Jesus Christ.

 As the name of our church suggests, we recognise the Bible as central.

What we believe

We believe the Bible to be the inspired Word of God to each one of us and seek to follow its teaching in all that we say and do.

We do not believe that the Bible is out of date but that as we read it with an open mind and a willing heart, the Holy Spirit helps us understand how its teaching applies to us today. 

God speaks to us of His greatness through His creation, of our sinfulness through our conscience. and of His love for us sinners through His Son, Jesus Christ.

The Bible teaches that our sins separate us from God. We sin in doing, saying or thinking what is wrong or not doing, saying or thinking what is right. Out of love, God sent His Son, Jesus Christ to die and suffer the penalty for our sins, as a substitute in our place and to save us from being separated from Him forever in hell.

The Bible puts it like this: ‘For God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.’  The good news of the Christian gospel is that If you too turn from your sinful ways and ask Jesus Christ into your life as your own personal Saviour, God is very willing to forgive you for all your sins, past, present and future and give you new life with peace in your heart and joy in believing. 

On our website you will find audio recordings of messages from the Bible. The recordings are organised by subject both for those who are seeking to know how to become a Christian and for those who are Christians already and want to grow in their understanding and faith.

For those who prefer reading, there are teaching notes on a range of subjects. We hope that you will find these aids helpful and instructive.

To those who live locally 

If you live nearby, we would only be too happy to welcome you to our church and greatly look forward to meeting you in person.  The times of our services and activities for young and old are detailed on the website.

As well as hearing teaching from local and invited speakers, you can join a small informal group Bible Study when you can ask questions and benefit from discussions.

Do get in touch

If you would like any further free information, with no obligation, do use the contact form to get in touch. 

Thank you.


For how to be right with God, please listen to any of the audio recordings under RECORDINGS "Becoming a Christian". 

For example, just click  HERE .